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 This approach can be said that huge investment, marketing costs are high, enterprises will be a great burden and risk, and these companies have to do but is, Liang Qi difficult, what better way to solve this problem? The answer is There is now widespread e-business.

1, E-Commerce

  The so-called e-commerce, several years ago began to appear, like Alibaba, Taobao, Dangdang so, but before more are B2B, C2C, that service provider network trading platform, a lot of Qi Ye pay a certain registration fee Chengweikuaiyuan can publish information on supply and demand; some online shop, selling their merchandise, clearing basically be settled through the service provider platform for the transaction.

  And now, with network information technology, enterprise-class e-commerce has become possible, it became popular B2C, and together with the company's own sales, production management system can integrate seamlessly end to stay at home, you can marketed, and enterprises will expand their market, good marketing cost savings opportunities, on the ceramics, sanitary ware industry, even more so.

Second, ceramics, sanitary ware industry after the use of e-commerce

  Mentioned before, and now primarily through the marketing ceramics exhibition, to show to the customer to select products. Characteristic of which is not purely display products, but also through the overall design of the actual scene to engage in some marketing so now the ceramic industry exhibition, generally large-scale, luxurious, like into a palace-like, into millions of small funds, large tens of millions. It is not an exhibition hall, all the major marketing centers, coupled with the expensive rent, the enterprise is undoubtedly a huge marketing burden, but once the renovation is over, can not easily change. Use of e-commerce, these costs can be greatly reduced. Enterprise E-commerce system can scan all his products into, our customers now see clearly enough cleaning degree, also through three-dimensional technology for set design, exhibit. Such a visit as long as the customers into the e-commerce system, we can clearly understand the product performance, color, design patterns, you can see a variety of design space, which is a great convenience for customers, because the computer inside Design of three-dimensional scene is constantly changing, which greatly satisfy the business requirements continue to introduce new products.

 Customers browse through the products, you can purchase products on-line orders can be made by bank credit card, debit card payment system payments (now very easy to do a) or cash on delivery. Factory after receiving customer orders, through the back of sales of production management system, you can throughout the warehouse from the nearest center, the most recent agent, logistics companies through cooperation delivery, collection of. If there is no inventory of goods can also immediately into the production order system, unified arrangement of production management.

  All of these e-commerce can facilitate some customers at home can buy the things they need, no computer at home can also be carried out in the face of the company in operation, eliminating a lot of time and energy. For business, investment, effective, a business site, the country applied, eliminating the tedious exhibition engage the country can save huge costs. Overseas sales even more convenient, and then traveled around the world not to participate in a variety of exhibitions.

Now invest in a medium-sized enterprise-class e-commerce website, from hardware to software also more than 50 million, with the design, management, investment is not large compared to that around the exhibition hall of the huge investment spent on it is really nothing in view Big Wu has. So we certainly can e-commerce in the ceramic industry is a huge prospect, and also will significantly change the traditional ceramic industry is currently marketing.

Third, the main problem facing

  Based on the above analysis, it can be concluded, as internet technology, the professional division of labor, business e-commerce applications there is no technical problem, payment settlement and logistics problems, the only thing to do is internal first change the traditional concept of the marketing model to break the traditional addition, the computer might be best applied first production logistics management system, Zhe Yang Cainengjida O'clock in the import Dianzaishangwu to perform its Gongneng, role. Wise first, today in an increasingly competitive ceramics, sanitary ware industry, who take the initiative, the first application of advanced marketing tools, anyone can become invincible.

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