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Little taps, related to home improvement in all aspects of the various parts of the installation method for all inventory taps at home. And friends often met faucet series, convenient and easy for all home improvement.

The NO.1 tap installation knowledge
    Ready for installation tools and pre-installation check the supporting parts are complete, common faucet parts: hoses and rubber ring, shower drain, kidnapper, decorative cap.

A. The installation of single-hole basin mixer
    It should be noted that the purchase of single-lever basin mixer outlet diameter on the market today are hard tube water, so you should pay attention to set aside on the height of the outlet from the basin down to 35 work points the most appropriate. Installation, optional special angle valve, while the angle must be fixed wall of water hot and cold water pipes. When you find the distance between the angle valve and faucet pipes to buy a dedicated extension tube to connect. Remember, you must not use pipes to connect to, because if water pressure is large, it is easy to fall off, leaking losses. If more than outlet pipe into the water too long, according to your needs amputated part, inappropriate angle can be bent as needed to your desired location. Remember: Do not hard to bend to 90 degrees or greater than 90 degrees. Installing the basin to water, do not forget to buy the leading interface (leading short). Before you install, please do not forget to flush the water pipes buried in the walls in advance.

2 showers, bathtub faucet installation (wall)
    When you purchase a shower, bath, wall-mounted faucet, you can select the appropriate height of buried outlet pipe. The spacing of the hot and cold water must reach 15 cm. Before the installation, you do not forget to flush the pipes to avoid water quality excellent, the leading cause damage.
Concealed shower, bathtub faucet: Buy concealed leading general should be leading the spool embedded in the wall. Embedded must pay attention to the thickness of the bathroom wall. Wall is too thin, then the spool will not be embedded. Embedded when the spool of plastic protective cover is not easily removed to avoid damage to the cement and other chores in the embedded spool. The addition should be noted that the embedded spool when the spool up and down, left and right direction, so as not to spool buried wrong. Wall leading embedded deviation of the inlet size, can be available to adjust the kidnapper framing.

Installation of the thermostat
    Before installing the thermostat, you first check what pipes are not left cold hot right, remember not to hot and cold water pipes are wrong, in order to avoid the faucet is not working properly. Gas, solar water heater can not use the thermostat, because the water pressure is too low. Install the thermostat please do not forget to install hot and cold water filters.

(4) single-hole kitchen faucet installation
    Requirements of a solid, because of the high frequency of use of the kitchen faucet, in addition to be moved around easily loose lock nut must be tightened. At present, there appeared some of the leading coil to increase nut, this strong effect is very good, if we can resolve to the water pulling in the future will be a popular trend.

The NO.2 taps Summary of Frequently Asked Questions and solutions

Q: the use of the faucet water pressure how much is considered high water pressure?
A: The water pressure is generally 3-5 kg, which is about 0.3-0.5MPa. If more than six kilograms of pressure is a relatively high normal use of the faucet when people feel uncomfortable; less than 3 kg, the general that the water pressure low.

Q: common faucet spool there? Which long service life?
A: leading spool spool three: stainless steel ball valve, ceramic valve core and shaft roll spool.
The stainless steel faucet spool: spool of a leader in high technology content, high-end sanitary ware brand laser processing irregular seven-hole ball spool as the spool of the latest faucet products. The ball valve core is particularly suitable for areas of poor water quality, because it is not water impurities will not shorten the life. And ball spool handle a relatively large angle adjustment of warm water within the region, can accurately control the temperature, to ensure that the hot water outflow quickly and accurately, and as much as possible to conserve resources.
Ceramic chip leading spool: is the most common type of spool, it has the advantage of low price, the less water pollution, but the ceramic texture is crisp and easy to rupture.
Axis roll faucet spool: The advantage is that the handle turned smooth, easy operation and simple, feel comfortable and relaxed, aging resistance, wear resistance.

Q: home faucet leaks, how do?
A: Most people think that the faucet leaking valve core is a problem, in fact, used properly, the spool is not easy to go wrong, so if the faucet water leakage from its essence to analyze.

(1) spool off the faucet still water. This phenomenon may be pressure cap loose to cause loosening of the spool and seal will not retain water, the solution is to remove the handle and the decorative cover, re-tighten the pressure cap, is also possible that the spool at the bottom of the apron deformation water can not be sealed, the solution is to remove the spool, check the bottom of the apron will reset to reinstall.

(2) water seeping from the spool around. This phenomenon may be spool loosening or displacement occurs, the solution is to remove the spool to reinstall

(3) Water leaking from the spool middle of. This phenomenon is the damage of the spool, the solution is to replace spool, if the faucet leaks, replace the spool, which is bound to increase maintenance costs.

(4) leading the bottom of the leak. This phenomenon is generally the inlet O-ring is not installed or deformation caused by its solution, rotating the hose, O-ring is not deformed O-ring and the inlet pipe to put installed may, if it is found that the O-ring is deformed, replace the O-ring.

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