How to choose faucet

A, Style
     To determine the faucet and wash basins, sinks, bathtubs, shower are matched.

B, function
     Faucet styles dazzling and versatile. By zoning generally divided basin faucet, kitchen sink faucet, bathtub faucet, shower faucet, bidet faucet and other five categories. By function generally have single cold type, mixed type, floor type, temperature, induction and delay automatic shut-off and so on.

C, Surface
     Good faucet surface is bright, long-lasting use. To make the faucet surface must first rigorous selection, at the head of the mirror surface finely polished, and then thickened acid copper plating, nickel and chrome. Wal-plating layer of tiger products reach Europe’s top standards, form a strong and effective protection layer, the product is durable, long-term bright and clean, and the 24-hour acid salt spray test. Product touch no glitches, no oxidation spots seeing no porosity and so on.

D, check
     Gently turn the handle to see if light and flexible, uniform motion, with or without jamming; rotating outlet pipe is lightweight; checking faucet parts, and especially the major parts assembly is close, there should be no loose feeling.

E, valve
    OBM selection of tiger tracks produced by the company of the Spanish ceramic chip, the chip durability, ensure that the product can withstand the water temperature at 90 degrees Celsius below the long-term use, the valve can withstand high pressure 3.5MPA. All products factory have been 1.6MPA high water pressure test to ensure the quality of each product has the absolute spool service life of 500,000 times.

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